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Welcome on Pro-dis.fr

PRO-Dis is specialized in providing standard machines and turnkey solutions for the industry and logistic with a wide range that includes machines for assembly, forming, cutting, pressing and riveting, test and passivation of stainless steel, marking and reading, tacability and data processing.
Please have a look on the different categories of special and adapted machines.

Special Purpouse Automation


ACD - Innovative and individual control solutions

   The Automation Division deals with industrial electronics, industrial control and electrical engineering for machines, installations and retrofitting of any type.
Due to complete support with PLC / SPS / CNC and motive power programming from one supplier, we achieve cycle time and process optimized solutions, demonstrably with special, transfer and rotary transfer machines.


Industrial Reading - Traceability


PRO-Dis also offers solutions for proofreading and traceability fully customized with data acquisition of Alphanumeric codes, barcodes, 2D Data Matrix or RFID.

Linked to various ERP environments, the terminals communicate via hard-wire interfaces such as Ethernet, USB or RS 232 as well as via WLAN, GSM, WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network - compatible with Bluetooth) and IrDa and other fieldbuses.

Marking Machines & Solutions

PRO-Dis offers a wide range of indusrial marking modules with tailor-made solutions perfectly adapted to your production. We integrate permanent marking machines with laser, dot-peen, electrochemical and press marking solutions.

Assembly Lines and Modules

AGME designs and manufactures on demand a variety of assembly lines and modules for riveting, pressing and assembling from simple to most complex solutions.

Its Research & Development Department carries out assembly solutions with the most advanced technologies for the automation requirements of our clients that are becoming more and more sophisticated.

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